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2025 Lexus TX SUV Price, Specs, More Reviews

The upcoming 2025 Lexus TX SUV is nearing its production phase, positioned as a mid-size model that will surpass the RX in both space and power. Despite initial speculations about the TX potentially replacing the GX, the recent registration of the GX550 nameplate indicates Lexus’s commitment to expanding its vehicle lineup.

Lexus is currently engaged in various projects, with a noteworthy focus on the 2025 Lexus TX SUV. Additionally, the automaker has introduced its innovative ICE platform designed for hydrogen fuel cells, suggesting a potential application in the new TX model. While this may seem like a futuristic concept, engineers are dedicated to enhancing the SUV’s environmental impact and efficiency. The inclusion of a hybrid powertrain is highly probable, and there’s also consideration for an all-electric variant. The interior is expected to showcase cutting-edge features, including advanced driver-assist and safety technologies for a more intuitive driving experience.

2025 Lexus TX Interior Design

Anticipation surrounds the interior of the 2025 Lexus TX, expected to offer a family-friendly alternative with its three rows of seating, aligning with Lexus’s reputation for superior interiors. The brand’s commitment to excellence in interior design is anticipated to continue with the TX, positioning it as a compelling option within the Lexus lineup. While official details about the 2025 Lexus TX remain undisclosed, speculations suggest a size comparable to the Toyota Grand Highlander, placing it among the larger midsize SUVs.

As of now, Lexus has not released specific information about the 2025 Lexus TX. However, media speculations hint at a luxurious and spacious interior, accompanied by advanced entertainment and safety systems. Rumors suggest a substantial touchscreen display featuring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, aligning with the standards for large and premium SUVs. Rest assured about the interior and exterior qualities, and we’ll promptly update this page with accurate information as soon as it becomes available.

2025 Lexus TX Specs Engine

Given its substantial size as a large SUV, the 2025 Lexus TX is anticipated to demand significant power. Following the LX’s transition to a turbocharged V6 powertrain, the upcoming GX 550 is expected to follow suit, moving away from the V8. Similarly, the Lexus RX has already adopted a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. To optimize power without compromising fuel efficiency, engineers are likely to opt for a smaller compressor engine for the TX compared to a larger displacement. While this decision is expected to enhance mileage, overall performance may see improvements with a larger engine featuring more cylinders.

Lexus has officially stated that the forthcoming mid-size luxury SUV will feature a hybrid motor, indicating that the 2025 Lexus TX is likely to offer both diesel and hybrid versions, mirroring the Lexus RX L. The company emphasizes that the new model will contribute to their diverse electrified lineup upon its release.

Lexus and Toyota, renowned for their leadership in hybrid vehicles, may integrate such a powertrain into the 2025 Lexus TX. The emphasis, however, will be on achieving a zero-emission outcome. Options for achieving this include the all-electric bZ system or the new ICE architecture. The final choice will hinge on meeting performance demands while prioritizing zero-emission capabilities.

When Will the 2025 Lexus TX Release Date?

Currently, the company is in the process of developing a new SUV. As the prototype has not reached completion, no official announcements will be made at this time. The unveiling of the 2025 Lexus TX SUV, along with detailed information, will take place once the finalized product images are ready. Until then, the anticipation continues, and we await further insights into any additional vehicles that Lexus might unveil in the coming future.

How Much Will the 2025 Lexus TX Cost?

Positioned between the midsize RX and the three-row LX, the 2025 Lexus TX SUV is expected to occupy a similar market segment as the off-road-oriented GX, which starts at just under $58,000 for the 2023 model year. Based on this, we anticipate that the pricing for the TX will align closely with that of the GX.

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